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No false promises, no gimmicks, no shortcuts, only quality, healthy & nutritious reasonably price gluten-free products and ingredients.  We promise to do everything we can to keep prices as low as possible without compromising quality or nutrition. Our Brands and products, signify our love & caring for you our customers.


They taste like the real thing because they are the real thing! Our products are not gritty nor are dry in the mouth. They are easy to prepare & versitile. Using our treasured recipes and our special blends of ingredients - with care and love they are made - then offered and served to you - a member of our family.

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Our Objectives...

Our Story

Sometimes saying less, says more. We're not going to boast about our products nor are we going to try to sell you something. Everyone else is already doing that besides, if you try our products, you'll see, they sell themselves.


It suffices to say, as president and one of the developers of Imaginering Foods gluten free products, I don't have to follow a restrictive or gluten free diet. The products developed at Imagineering Foods for you, our customers, were not developed out of need but because we care and want to help you. I'm not the type of person who will tell you that something tastes good if it doesn't taste good. I can personally say that I have tried almost every gluten free product on the market and my heart goes out to all of you on restictive diets. My heart not only goes out to you because they don't taste good but because I feel you are also being overcharged. Double whammy!


I understand the daily struggles and continuous hardships you face because of your diet restrictions.Trust me when I say I have had my share of struggles and hardships. Though not the same as yours I have come to understand the value of suffering in one’s life and that God allows suffering to occur to bring out a greater good...


No pictures of smiling owners and/or employees. It doesn't seem appropriate to post a picture such as that, when most of you have had to endure so much pain and hardship in your lives. You don't need to see smiling faces. We will save the pictures of smiling faces for you on our "Patron's Corner". You need results. However, I want you to contemplate the smile in my eyes and know that I understand the struggles and hardships you face daily and that I care, we care, at Imagineering Foods and want to help you experience a return to normalcy. Most of all, we long to see in your eyes that same smile and know that we have been instrumental in returning to you some of that joy and happiness you lost.


We believe a person’s eyes reveal much about them especially joy and happiness. We would like to see that in your eyes. The story behind Imagineering Foods is not so much our story but your story - a story about you and your struggles. You see, we care, we understand and we are here to help you...









  • to make our products affordable to everyone. You should not have to work just to eat because of high prices.


  • no false promises that products are easily prepared or good if it's not true.


  • to help you to return to your kitchens and take control of your lives.


  • one pan meals that everyone can & will eat. No longer, one meal for them and one for us.


  • no one left out any more. PROMISE


  • to help you and your families to experience a "Return to Normalcy".™


...a new beginning for you...PROMISE.


  • by elevating prepared gluten-free foods and ingredients to a new level of par excellence.


  • by providing our customers nutritionally, good tasting, quality products at affordable prices.


  • by making our products versatile, easy to prepare and offering complete solutions to meet our customer needs.


  • by restoring “the comfort” in food and “return normalcy in living”™ to our customers. 

Our Goal...

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Where It Began...

Imagineering Foods had its beginnings in a small town in Michigan in a little restuarant called Mama Maria's. Many thought it was a big chain franchise. It was not a big chain franchise but could have become one. It was named after and in honor of The "Blessed Virgin Mary" (the humblest of creatures). It no longer exists in that little town, but I think many people will say they lost something special when Mama Maria's left. However I doubt that small town community really knows what they lost. People make choices everyday and that town chose to stay little and I respect their decision.


We enjoyed serving that community. But, isn't that is what life is all about - service and helping one another? An email received from Suzanne and Chuck Tobey, January 12, 2012, "​Two summers ago, my husband and I had our grand daughter Riley visiting us from North Carolina. We took her to Mama Maria's for Pizza and Gelato and she loved it so much she wanted to go there everyday. Jeff the owner was so nice to her and showed my husband how he makes the Gelato. Everything he does is from scratch and you can feel his enthusiasm when he talks about his creative menu. It is our favorite restaurant. Last June I told Jeff, Riley was coming to visit and that her birthday is on July 4th and the only place she wanted to eat was at Mama. Maria's. Jeff had a solemn look on his face and said "we are not open on July 4th...but if your grand daughter has her heart set on this. We will be open and ready for Riley! I could not believe it! How many people would do that??? The whole family came and we had the best time and of course the food was superb. We are so fortunate to have such delectable food in our community. Every dish is wonderful and we have tried them all. Thank you Jeff and staff you are the very best! God Bless. Suzanne and Chuck Tobey ." We did this sort of thing often. We didn't publicize it, we just did it.


We made friends and made memories. One of my most memorable and treasured experiences from the restaurant centers on one of the items we  developed and sold there a simple gluten free pizza crust ...or so I first thought...


One day in late winter/ early spring, one of my newer regular customers came in and said to me, "My son wants to see you."  I was caught off guard. I wondered why would her son want to see me? I knew my customers, but because I stayed in back most the time and worked in the kitchen I didn't know what they ordered. I had no idea why he would want to see me. However, I said okay. Then in came her son; all six foot plus of him and twenty pounds heavier than myself. I couldn't believe he was only 13 years old! A BIG BOY! I mean a BIG BOY! He proceeded to place his arms around me and gave me a big bear hug. I think he lifted me off the ground!  I thought my eyes would pop out of my head. Then he put me down and looked straight into my eyes and said, "Thank you for giving me my life back to me, I didn't think life was worth living anymore." His mother proceeded to tell me how 6 months earlier, because of health issues, he was placed on a restrictive gluten free diet. His mother said he could no longer eat many things he liked. He quit doing things with his friends; he couldn't eat what they ate. He felt left out. She said food had become a big problem for him. Most of the gluten free food they tried he wouldn't eat; he said it was gross! She said they found us and tried our food. He loved our gluten free pizza and our other gluten free items we offered. Eating our products made him feel normal again. Looking into my eyes as he spoke those words I became aware of how much of a struggle life had become for him. Too much I thought for someone so young! I doubt if that young man realized how much he touch me. I became more determined than ever to help others like you...



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